Products and Services

System Integration, Network Security and Connectivity

We are a provider that delivers to our clients a single accountable source for all of their network and desktop computer needs. Our system integration skills enable us to provide continuing support for products with long service “lifetimes”. This means that our clients are not compelled to replace computers and upgrade software before their own needs dictate. On the other hand we provide access to the most current technology that serves our clients’ agendas, ranging from the latest Internet e-mail servers to web systems and access to PCPC’s Client Resource Facility.

Reliable Total Network and IT Staff

We provide our clients with a total support solution, thereby eliminating the troubles of servicing diverse equipment and evaluating the unending stream of technical options. We offer consulting services for evaluation, project execution, and on-going support of a diverse range of products. Perhaps the most important part of this truly “total” support is what happens when there is that inevitable failure. Because our coverage extends beyond the operating system software, to the core desktop products (MS Office, Word Perfect, e-mail browsers, etc.) when a computer fails, our technicians restore the system to its fully operational level. We do not replace a part and tell the client to handle the software themselves. All of these services are covered by our annual maintenance agreement.  We offer your firm a single accountable source. Dedicated technicians with direct connect cell phones, consistent logging systems, and monthly reporting capabilities enable you to avoid building up expensive and difficult to manage IT staffs.

Annual Server and Maintenance Agreement

All clients obtain an annual service and maintenance agreement   This is much more than standard service agreements from other equipment vendors.  With desktop computers that utilize often “unstable” application programs (e.g. word processors, web browsers, etc.) our coverage extends the notion of “repair” to the reliable operation of the programs as well as the hardware.  We provide prompt telephone diagnostic support for these application program’s malfunctions as well as the usual hard drive or video repair issues.  In addition to all the desktop stations, we provide similar support for File servers, E-mail servers, Internet servers, SQL servers, hub-switches, etc. that enable the firm’s network to perform properly.  This is a very technical area and requires sophisticated knowledge.  We make periodic visits to run diagnostics and review the network’s performance.  We have an impressive record of half-day on-site response to network emergencies.  The annual agreement establishes our commitment to your firm for all priority responses, emergency services, and loaner options.  We also insure that adequate recovery procedures and back-up equipment is on-hand at our offices so that when a problem does occur your recovery will be as smooth as possible.  If parts are “out of stock” or “back ordered”, we provide alternative equipment without delays!

Consulting Programs

Our initial engagement with a new client begins with our role as consultants.  We serve a very select group of clients that includes foundations, non-profits, law firms, accounting firms, restaurants, schools, and entrepreneurial ventures.  We provide expert assistance in the evaluation of software, equipment, and outside information services (e.g. Internet providers, web development services, et al.).  We manage the development of customized database programs that are “mission critical” for a number of clients as well as provide tailored technology solutions.

Support Services

A number of our clients request that their IT staff receive our assistance for more regular administrative tasks that are often required for effective network and desktop performance.  These services are provided only to contract clients at our hourly rate without charges for travel or site visit fees.  We also bill by the hour for such services with no minimums.  Non-contract clients are required to pay for a three hour minimum plus travel for each specific visit. The kind of services involved in support and administrative duties benefit from our technicians detailed knowledge of your specific network, company policies, and staff.  Our technicians become known to all of your staff on a first name basis and are concerned about effective communication as well as technical proficiency.  All new clients go through a survey visit and meeting with Michael Buckner, our company Director, so our technicians can be briefed on your firm and its needs.

Outsourcing your IT

Many of our clients have arranged for PCPC to provide weekly staff visits to support their network and desktop needs.  We manage their network and provide a continuous program of assistance to key management and staff for productivity purposes. Our staff have received most valuable employee of the year award from our clients management! Even firms with dedicated internal support staff make use of our services for major projects such as firm wide software or desktop upgrades, new installations, etc.  We can assist the ordering and tracking of new services such as DSL internet access, web domains, e-mail addressing, and web sites. With the newer features of Microsoft’s Windows Server programs and Terminal Services we are also able to implement several different Remote Access solutions enabling work from home convenience and multi-site connectivity.

System Building Program

You may think of this as “computer sales”, but from Personal Computer Power Center system building is executed quite differently.  We are an official “Systems Builder OEM” with the Intel Corporation.Intel-logo  This means that we assemble, configure, and customize each computer (desktop or server) on the Intel Inside foundation with component parts from certified sources.  Intel is the vendor of choice for all key components from the Pentium CPU to the “Motherboard” and Server Chassis.  Microsoft is the primary operating system vendor for our networks.  All repair parts are free of charge for the life of the system (three years for computers and monitors).  Additionally, as long as the client renews our annual maintenance coverage all labor fees are without charge until equipment is retired.

Client Resources Facility Option

A new and exciting resource we provide for our clients is our Client Resource Facility!  We refer to this cutting-edge facility as our “technology laboratory”.  Daily use of the CRF is dedicated to testing new products’ functionality and reliability with our current clients’ systems so that we can recommend technology upgrades that will not interfere with their systems’ current functionality.

The CRF is also used as a system recovery facility to provide our premium clients with backup servers and hard drives in case of a system emergency.  If one of our clients suffers from a system breakdown due to unforeseen occurrences, our CRF facility is equipped to execute a switch-over to our backup equipment. This is made possible by ghosting (copying) important drives including OS systems and frequently used software off workstations and servers.

In addition to the CRF functioning as an offsite system recovery facility, it is also available to act in case of emergency as a “fall-out shelter” for a select number of client staff members who must access their data and work during an emergency. This last option provides a secondary office for personnel provided with workstations, servers, internet, phone lines, as well as the essential office amenities such as paper, pens, pads, printers, ink cartridges, copiers, faxes, etc. Provided there is not a worldwide catastrophe that handicaps all electronic functionality, the Client Resource Facility can save your company in a time of crisis.