PCPC’s Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR)

services begin with your purchase or lease of a DATTO© server/appliance.

All monthly subscriptions include:

  • HYBRID CLOUD TECHNOLOGY: Workstations and servers are backed up locally (at your site) across the Local Area Network (LAN); that data is then automatically transmitted to Datto’s secure Cloud Servers. This reduces the reliance on bandwidth speed and improves fault tolerance.
  • VIRTUALIZATION: Servers can be virtualized either locally or remotely. Should your business experience server failure, its systems may be virtualized rapidly to avoid data loss. With a Cloud-stored virtualized system, your business continues to operate securely without compromising any data. Downtime is minimized and you can work remotely on your own virtualized systems.
  • IMAGE BASED BACKUP: A “snapshot” of your workstation or server is taken and stored on the local Datto device; this provides a place in time recovery point for that machine. This is vital for restoration because rebuilding or virtualizing a machine requires not just files, but also the applications and systems. This also provides faster full restores, individual file restores, ability for bare metal restores, image verification, virtual machine booting, and remote office running.


  • DATTO DATA RETENTION POLICIES are customizable and dependent on your purchase, however they are by default;
    • More than 21 backups per week.
    • Conversion of intra-daily backups to dailies after 7 days; Conversion of dailies to weekly backups after 4 weeks. DELETION of oldest backups after 30 days.
    • Option for keeping 1, 2, or 3 Years of data in the Cloud with unlimited space.

  Monthly Invoicing for Datto services after 1st Month:

  • Invoices for Datto Appliance Maintenance, Cloud Storage, and System Virtualization are issued at the start of each month of services for the month. As with all monthly billable services, payment must be received by the 10th of the month.
  • All Datto Appliances must be controlled and managed by an authorized Datto managed services provider. If the client fails to pay for monthly services, the Datto appliance will be disabled.  Datto will only re-establish operations of the appliance and resume synchronization when the account is in good standing or fully paid and closed with PCPC.  There is a minimum 1 year contract.