Business Continuity

PCPC’s Client Resource Facility is an awesome value added benefit for PCPC’s network business clients.   Available as a subscription resource it is the perfect complement to a fully developed business continuity disaster plan.  The facility has served as a crucial recovery center after Hurricane Sandy for one of our PCPC clients. Hosting their crucial 16 person Accounts Payable Department and managers;  within 2 days of Sandy they were back in business processing thousands of AP items.  Although it took nearly 3 months for their Wall street building to re-open they were able to operate continuously without any loss of business.

The Resource Facility is also available as a needed test lab for our client’s audit level pre-deployment test systems.  When our middle size business clients need to satisfy auditor demands that production system upgrades be tested before deployment, the CRF enables us to virtualize their servers and conduct flight tests of the upgrades before impacting their actual production systems.

The facility contains a minimum of 10 working desktop systems, laptops, blade servers and expansive storage capacities that exhibit cost effective cutting edge technologies from Intel, Seagate, Dell/Wyse, Datto, Sonicwall, Microsoft and others. It is a fully functional multi-server network with different types of workstations, attractive multi display LCD screens, a variety of the newest keyboard styles and types, wired and wireless Internet access, duplex laser printers, network switches, and color laserjets.  Internet access is protected by Sonicwall VPN/Router devices attached to cost effective Verizon FIOS and Time Warner Internet lines.  It contains a Cisco VOIP phone system with 7 consoles available to clients.  Not least it contains a presentation ready 55” Web TV system fully Skype and Conference ready.